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10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World

Its our chemical all-star team of death. Weve got historic poisons that have claimed the lives of millions in a sinister manner, along with a couple of chemicals that might be in your home. Contact with any of these, in the right dose, will send you running for a hastily scribbled bucket list.

Before we start – a couple of rules concerning these deadly jumbles of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Neither proteins (sorry Botulinum toxin) nor elements/radioactive isotopes (my apologies to Polonium-210) were considered for the list, with a nod given to chemical compounds that you could come in contact with during your life.
10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
10. Digoxin
purified extract of the foxglove plant. In proper quantities, digoxin increases the efficiency of the heart. Charles Cullen, a nurse and the "angel of death", used pharmaceutical grade digoxin to kill over forty patients using the drug.
10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
9. Hydrogen peroxide
The hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom cabinet has a concentration of 3 to 6%. At higher concentrations, its a rocket propellant. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely volatile, with the merest nudge setting off an explosion in laboratory grade solutions (>70% hydrogen peroxide). The 2005 London subway bombers used concentrated hydrogen peroxide as an explosive in the attacks that killed 52 people.
10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
8. Ethylene glycol
Its in your car as antifreeze. Its cheap. It looks so damn simple. It has a moderate toxicity level, however, the sweet taste can make one easily surpass that boundary, leading the ethylene glycol to be metabolized into the more dangerous oxalic acid. Keep it away from animals and pets, as they are likely to lap up the liquid as a food source. If you do ingest a large amount of ethylene glycol, death is slow, knocking out organ systems systematically over the course of 72 hours. The treatment is administration of grain ethanol, as the ethanol competes with ethylene glycol for binding in your body.

10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
7. Nicotine
A member of the nightshade family of plants, this oily liquid that makes up between0.6 to 3% of a cigarettes mass. Contact with the liquid pure form can cause death within hours, as nicotine passes through the dermis and heads directly for the bloodstream. Overdoses and death can easily occur in

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