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Water resistant mobile phones now in high demand in Vietnam
Tens of mobile phone products capable to limit water infiltration have appeared on the market with the sale prices of 1-20 million dong per product.

The products for rich people

Mobile phone manufacturers now tend to churn out water resistant products to satisfy the choosy clients. Sonim, sourced from the UK, Sharp, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Nec from Japan are the well known names in the high grade market segment. Especially, the products from Japan prove to be most favored by Vietnamese users.

The products have been carried to Vietnam by travelers across the border, or imported through unofficial channels, while there is no authorized distributor. Nec NO3D, Fujitsu F-01B, Sharp 934sh, Panasonic 942P, and Sharp Aquos 102SH, Fujitsu F09c, Sharp SH01D have been selling in big cities, including Hanoi and HCM City.

According to Dang Minh Quan, Director of, a distributor, the products priced at four million dong or less, such as Sharp 945sh, Fujitsu F-01B, Panasonic 942P have run out, while only expensive products are still available. These include Sharp Aquos 102SH, Fujitsu F09c, Sharp SH01D which have the prices between 8 million dong and 16 million dong.

Especially, some Japanese water resistant mobile models available in Vietnam are equipped with the technology allowing to display 3D images without glasses. Sharp SH10c, priced at 10 million dong, is one of them. Meanwhile, Sharp 007sh is selling at 7.9 million dong, Sharp SH01D 15 – 15.5 million dong, now available at, and

Quan said that the demand for water resistant mobile phones has been increasing, but the demand remains weak. Meanwhile, Nguyen Anh Van, a representative of CellphoneS at No 117 Thai Ha in Hanoi, specializing in distributing Sonim mobile, has reported that the sale has been going slowly for the last six months. Therefore, CellphoneS is now only selling two series Sonim XP3300 Force and XP 5300 at 14-15.3 million dong.

“The products remain fastidious about buyers, because they are still expensive,” Van explained. However, those people, who want to use durable water resistant products, never think much about the prices.

Which products for low income earners?

While there are a lot of luxurious and expensive models for high income earners, there are not many choices for low income earners. Only several models have the sale prices of 1-5 million dong, including Q-mobile X1, iNO Solo WD08, Suntek Outfone S9, Samsung B2710…

Q-mobile X1, a Vietnamese brand mobile phone, hit the market at the beginning of 2011. In theory, the mobile phones still can operate at the depth of 2 meters under the water. However, the products are now available only at few shops, priced at 1.6 million dong. One year ago, when it was first introduced on the market, it was sold at 2.6 million dong.

Samsung also has some products for low income earners - B2710 – priced at 2.1 million dong, and iNO WD08 at 4.7 million dong.

Chinese products have also been put on the shelves at hi-tech shops. Suntek Outfone S9 sourced from China is selling at 4.6 million dong. However, the product has not been favored by Vietnamese users, who have discovered the limited water resistance level of the product. Retailers all have said that the product is unsalable.

In fact, hi-tech product users all are high income earners. Meanwhile, those, who seek low cost products are the “new comers” who are trying to get familiar with new mobile phone series.

Huy, a salesman of Quang Huy Mobile Shop on Bach Mai street, said “you get what you pay for,” meaning that once users do not want to spend money, they would not get good and durable products.

Source: Buu Dien

(3/13/2012 11:44:38 PM)

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