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Wedding ceremony of Nguyen Dynasty’s princess

The wedding ceremony of a princess of the Nguyen dynasty was recreated for the first time at the Hue royal citadel on the evening of April 10.

The event drew tens of thousands of visitors for its uniqueness.

The wedding procession started from the Truong Sanh palace. Unicorn and dragon dancers took the lead, followed by eunuchs who carried wood caskets containing wine, betel, roasted pigs, jewelry, etc.

Following the eunuchs were a Hue royal court music troupe and mandarins.

Maid-servants held lanterns and walked in front of the palanquin of the princess. Two of them held cycad leaves, which symbolize luckiness and longevity. One maid took a duck with her – the symbol of luckiness.

The prince consort rode a horse, going in front of the carriage of princess.

Old maid-servants walked at the bottom of the procession.

Thousands of people followed the procession to take pictures.

The procession walked around the royal citadel and finally returned to the Truong Sanh palace. The prince consort took his wife out of the carriage. They said goodbye and thanked people to come into their room.

The princess carriage.

A maid-servant holds a duck, the symbol of luck.


Two maid-servants hold cycad leaves.

Eunuchs carry wood caskets containing wine, betel, roasted pigs, jewelry, etc.



The prince consort.


The carriage of princess.

The princess.


Unicorn and dragon dancers.


Royal court music players.

Maid-servants hold lanterns.



The princess.






The princess and her husband.







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