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How to support phase polymer flocculation and sludge extractor
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Vichemfloc 82412

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Product details:

- Product Name: Vichemfloc 82412

- Formulas : PAM

- Chemical composition : Japan-Technical-25kg

- Product Type: Chemicals for supply water

Product description :

Vichemfloc 82412 - (Cationic PAM) Low ionic and high Molecular Polymer Water Treatment Chemicals - Cationic Polyelectrolyte

Vichemfloc 82412 is effective medium molecular weight cationic polymer. It is specially designed for faster solid liquid separation in clarification, thickening and dewatering. They work on charge neutralization mechanism by their cationicity in acidic to neutral medium pH. They neutralize resulting in destabilization of the particle surface and produce faster and compact settling flocks, which are easy to separate from suspension.

Physical Properties :

Form Viscous Jelly
Color Transperent white to off white
Solubility Totally Soluble in water
Effective pH Range 2 to 7.5 [more effective in acidic medium of pH]
Dilution Vichemfloc 82412 should diluted 200 to 300 times with water [Slow speed stirrer] before application.

Suggested Application :

  • As studge conditioning/concentrating and dewatering of municiple sewage treatment plant.
  • As studge conditioning/concentrating and dewatering of aerobic/anaerobic sludge process.
  • As a retention and drainage aid in paper manufacture.
  • After completion of acidic reation/acid leaching to aid filteration in inorganic salt. Industry and mining industry as well as dye & pigment manufacturing.
  • As a charge neutralizer of the colloidal particles for cross treatment along withanionic Vichemfloc 62424 bridging polymer for very effective solid liquid separation.
  • As a dewatering aid in pulp and mill effluent.
  • As a dry strength additive in paper making along or cross treatment with beater additive anionic Vichemfloc 62424 .
  • As a part replacement of alum in paper manufacturing.
  • As a demulsifer for oily waste water alone or cross treatment with anionic Vichemfloc 62424.
  • Titanium Dioxide manufacturing.
  • Any chemical process/mining where sludge volume pose a problem.
  • In Feric Alum industry in settling mud after completion of reaction and in mud washer plant for alum solution recovery.
  • For clarification of acidic brines.
  • For latex waste water clarification.
  • For Biologicals sludge clarification ( Secondary Sludge )
  • Dairy waste water treatment.

Packing :

  • Vichemfloc 82412 is supplied in 0.5/25 kgs. Polydrums.


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