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Vichemfloc DC400

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Product details:

- Product Name: Vichemfloc DC400

- Formulas : Liquid anion

- Chemical composition : Japan-20kg

- Product Type: Chemical paint and ink

Product description :

 Tên sản phẩm: VICHEMFLOC DC400©Là dung dịch anion Polyacrylamit trung bình, phân tử lượng trung bình 
(Deion)        VICHEMFLOC DC400©is an medium molecular weight  anionic polyacrylamide supplied as a liquid, and has a medium anionic charge. 
Ứng dụng thông thường: VICHEMFLOC DC400©Là chất trợ lắng,khử mầu cho quá trình kết lắng và khử mầu trong nghành dệt may, thực phẩm,
(Typical Applications)      VICHEMFLOC DC400© is for colorless or pale yellow liquid decolorant (dye, pigment, paper, leather, food waste, etc.) features high-efficiency, pH generality decolorant VICHEMFLOC DC400©as the water condensation polymer  colored wastewater containing anionic charge of charged particles suspended in the neutralization and bridging adsorption against the action represents a good cohesion, while waste water, anionic water-soluble substances that are soluble and insoluble complexes formed by combining, and this precipitation, ...
Các đặc tính kỹ thuật: Là dạng lỏng sánh mầu vàng nhạt
(Typical Properties)  colorless or pale yellow liquid
                                Độ khô (Dry content)(1350C):                          49.5%                   
                                Độ nhớt  (Bulk viscosity):                                  125 (LV-DV, Rota2,60RPM,300C)
                                Đặc tính anion (Anionic Charge):                    Trung bình thấp (Low to Medium)
                                pH dung dịch 2% (PH of 2% solution):           3.82
Đóng gói:              VICHEMFLOC DC400©Được đóng trong chai 0,5kg hoặc can 25kg
(Packaging)         VICHEMFLOC DC400©packed in 0,5kg bottle or 25kgs can’s
Bảo quản:             VICHEMFLOC DC400©có thể sử dụng tốt được 48 tháng ở nhiệt độ 5-350C ở chỗ thông thoáng tránh ánh nắng và ẩm cao
Storage                 VICHEMFLOC DC400©can be stored for 24 months if the temperature is stable between 5 and 350C, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
The information given above is for information only and does not constitute a specification and therefore no liability is assumed.


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