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How to support phase polymer flocculation and sludge extractor
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Vichemfloc 62414

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Product details:

- Product Name: Vichemfloc 62414

- Formulas : low anionic, medium MW

- Chemical composition : Japan-25kg

- Product Type: Chemicals for waste water

Product description :


Description     VICHEMFLOC 62414© is a medium molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide supplied as a powder, and has a low anionic charge. 

Typical Applications: VICHEMFLOC 62414© is suitable for use as a flocculating agent for dissolved air/ cavatation flotation in paper and other industrial wastewater treatment after the addition of an inorganic reagent. Also the product can be used as a sedimentation or filtration reagent for mineral concentrates or flotation tailings for most mineral processes.
Typical properties:   
An off white free flowing powde
Bulk density :   0.7 to 0.8g/cm³                       
Molecular Weight: Medium

Anionic Charge: Low

Approx Brookfield Viscosities @ 25ºC)

Dung dịch 0,25% (0.25% solution, spindle 3@60rpm):166ps

Dung dịch 0,5% (0.5% solution, spindle 3@60rpm) : 575Cps

                        pH dung dịch 0,5% (PH of 0.5% solution):7 to 7.5

                        pH Hoạt tính(Effective PH range):2 to 13

                        Kích cỡ hạt (Mesh Size):5% >1 mm, 5% < 0.2mm


Packaging      VICHEMFLOC 62414© is packed in 0.5kg or 25 kg/bags

Storage           VICHEMFLOC 62414© can be stored for 24 months if the temperature is stable between 5 and 35 C, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

The information given above is for information only and does not constitute a specification and therefore no liability is assumed.


            The information given above is for information only and does not constitute a specification and therefore no liability is assumed.


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