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Barrier guard part II non colour

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Product details:

- Product Name: Barrier guard part II non colour

- Formulas : type vaporizable rust preventive

- Chemical composition : Nhật-CN-420ml

- Product Type: Rust preventive

Product description :

Long-term effective liquid-type vaporizable rust preventive

For precision and export dies, die marking, and die storage


  • Barrier Guard Part II features high heat resistance.
    The rust-preventive effect is achieved regardless of the die temperature (approx. 130℃).
  • Barrier Guard Part II is remarkably safe.
    Barrier Guard Part II does not contain nitrites or nitrates such as dicyclohexylammonium nitrite, and is toxicity is almost negligible. It is compliant with the Food Sanitation Law and the Specifications and Standards for Food Additives, etc.(1959, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Notification No. 370).
  • The die startup time is significantly reduced.
    Barrier Guard Part II entirely gasifies with only 3 shots (for colorless) or 7 shots (for colored) of preliminary injection. It does not exude from ejector pins or slide parts, so it will not leave oil stains on molded articles.
  • The length of time until the beginning of secondary processing is reduced.
    Secondary processing such as painting, printing, and adhesion can be performed immediately after the first or second shot of injection.
  • Barrier Guard Part II will not affect plastic materials.
    The accidental adhesion of Barrier Guard Part II to molded articles has little effect, and causes no problems such as chemical cracks.
  • Barrier Guard Part II will not clog or plug up an air-venting groove.
  • Barrier Guard Part II achieves good effects on unwashed embossing or mirror-finished dies.
  • Even with injection-molding dies, no oil stains are left from the first injection shot.


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