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Aquaclean ACF32

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Product details:

- Product Name: Aquaclean ACF32

- Formulas : Gal

- Chemical composition : USA-1Gal

- Product Type: Chemicals for waste water

Product description :

AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 is a highly active liquid culture consortium designed specifically for use in all industrial and municipal wastewater systems. AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 contains a blend of 12 select microorganisms with a specification of 387/450 million microorganisms/ml. AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 cultures accelerate the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic matter in aerobic, facultative anaerobic and anaerobic wastewater systems, ponds, lagoons and wastewater retention tanks. AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 enhances the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic compounds significantly improving overall system performance and stability.

A Liquid Microbial Consortium

AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types and designs of biological wastewater systems. They increase the degradation rate of slow to degrade, difficult to degrade and many non-biodegradable compounds that have shown to negatively impact wastewater system performance. They resist high concentrations of inhibitory constituents; improve system performance, reduce system upsets and biomass kills common to industrial and municipal wastewater systems.

AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 increases overall microbial oxidation rates, significantly increasing organic degradation performance. This novel microbial consortium provides reductions in final effluent BOD, COD, SS, and improves settling in final clarifiers, while reducing waste sludge volume in difficult to degrade compounds such as, fatty acids, various chemical compounds, hydrocarbons and fibrous matter.


  • Enhances overall biological degradation performance
  • Reduces shock kills, and provides stable operation
  • Provides rapid up-set recovery
  • Improves settling in final clarifier
  • Provides reductions in final effluent BOD, COD, and SS
  • Reduces and controls system odor
  • Provides reduction in sludge production


    Application rates may vary based on system design, constituents present in effluent waters, loading rates and system retention time. Consult your representative for optimum treatment recommendations.

  • 5 to 20/ppm, based on daily flow, constituents present and retention timer enhanced performance treat contained waters and daily flow.
  • Use 10 to 30 ppm for odor control, as shown above.
  • Add directly to the head of the biological system.

    Odor Abatement

    AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 contains purple sulfur and non-purple sulfur microorganisms capable of controlling biological gaseous reactions such as H2S and other associated biological gaseous reactions, as well as associated corrosion.


    Appearance  Free flowing liquid
    Color  Purple to Red
    Specific Gravity  1.04
    pH  6.5 to 7.5 ++++Natural Range++++
    Odor  Sulfide
    Stability  2 years
    Storage/Handling  Store in a cool dry place.

    Warning: Avoid excessive contact with skin, wash hands after use; may irritate eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. Do not take internally.

    AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 contains naturally occurring Non-Toxic soil microorganisms, environmentally safe for wastewater systems; will not harm humans, animals or aquatic life. See MSDS for product data. AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 is designed for use in biological wastewater systems by environmental wastewater service professionals.

    Use AQUACLEAN/ACF-32 along with AQUA-CLEAN/IND Series bacterial cultures to achieve optimum stable system performance. A Natural Solution and the best system performance insurance money can buy.




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