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Calcium nitrate

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Product details:

- Product Name: Calcium nitrate

- Formulas : Ca(NO3)2

- Chemical composition : India-Tech-25kg

- Product Type: Industry chemicals

Product description :

Calcium nitrate, also called Norgessalpeter (Norwegian saltpeter), is the inorganic compound with the formula Ca(NO3)2. This colourlesssalt absorbs moisture from the air and is commonly found as a tetrahydrate. It is mainly used as a component in fertilizers but is found other applications. Nitrocalcite is the name for a mineral which is a hydrated calcium nitrate that forms as an efflorescence where manure contactsconcrete or limestone in a dry environment as in stables or caverns. A variety of related salts are known including calcium ammonium nitrate decahydrate and calcium potassium nitrate decahydrate.[1]


[edit]Use in fertilizer

As of 1978, only 170,000 tons/year were produced for applications in fertilizers.[1] The fertilizer grade (15.5-0-0 + 19% Ca) is popular in thegreenhouse and hydroponics trades; it contains ammonium nitrate and water, as the "double salt" 5Ca(NO3)2.NH4NO3.10H2O. Formulations lacking ammonia are also known: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O (11.9-0-0 + 16.9%Ca). A liquid formulation (9-0-0 + 11% Ca) is also offered. Ananhydrous, air-stable derivative is the urea complex Ca(NO3)2.4[OC(NH2)2], which has been sold as Cal-Urea.

[edit]Waste water treatment

Calcium nitrate is used in waste water pre-conditioning for odour emission prevention and set accelerating concrete admixtures. The waste water pre-conditioning is based on establishing an anoxic biology in the waste water system. In the presence of nitrate, the metabolism for sulfates stops, thus preventing formation of hydrogen sulphide [2]. Additionally easy degradable organic matter is consumed, what otherwise can cause anaerobic conditions downstream as well as odour emissions itself. The concept is also applicable for surplus sludge treatment[3].


The use of calcium nitrate with concrete and mortar is based on two effects. The calcium ion accelerates formation of calcium hydroxide and thus precipitation and setting. This effect is used also in cold weather concreting agents as well as some combined plasticizers [4]. The nitrate ion leads to formation of iron hydroxide, whose protective layer reduces corrosion of the concrete reinforcement.[5]

[edit]Cooling baths

The dissolution of anhydrous calcium nitrate is highly endothermic (cooling). For this reason, calcium nitrate is sometimes used for regenerateable cold packs.[1]


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